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Why Gemni?


Over 30 years.
Many of our customers have been with Gemni for 20+ years, and we continue to grow.


Municipalities have options with Gemni Software. We can tailor your packages to meet budgetary demands.


As a client, you are the priority. We partner to ensure the software works for your requirements.


All data and information are safe, secure, and properly backed up.

"I have worked with Gemni Software for many years and have NEVER considered going anywhere else for my tax and assessment administrative software needs. The number one reason I am a loyal customer is due to their high level of customer service. They are very responsive to our needs, and although I know they cater to a variety of businesses, when I reach out for help, I feel like my business is the only one that matters."
Teresa M. Babon, CCMA I, CCMC
Director of Assessment & Revenue Town of Southington, CT